We Have A New Sensory Room

25th August 2020
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25th August 2020 steve clynes

We Have A New Sensory Room

Whether you need a relaxing retreat for youself or have a loved one who needs a soothing place to chill out, our sensory rooms can provide sanctuary from the outside world. A multi-sensory is the ideal place for people of all ages and abilities to have the stimulation they need to encourage them to interact with their environment and increase or maintain functional skills. .

Our multi-sensory room offers a safe and comfortable environment where children and adults can explore and develop their senses and skills, our room offers many different features ranging from interactive equipment which make dramatic changes to the sensory environment using sound, lighting and fragrance. Our sensory room will engage children to learn through play, from following bright light, shapes and patterns with their eyes to making sounds with musical instruments, learning about touch by examining a variety of textures. Both children and adults will become interested in the multi-sensory environment. The overactive will feel calm, the inactive stimulated. The partially sighted will benefit from the vivid moving lighting and sounds. Our multi-sensory room offers a constantly changing environment to relax, learn new skills, make and listen to music, play and have FUN. .


Age: For people of any age

Aimed at: Adolescent , Adult , Adult sibling, Child , Child/adolescent sibling, Parent/carer of a child, Parent/carer of an adult, Partner

Gender: All genders

Registrations & Approaches

Specialisms: Generic

Other specialisms: Challenging behaviour, Learning disability