Gentle Goats

6th February 2022
6th February 2022 steve clynes

Gentle Goats

Goats Create Happy Feelings

Some physical or mental conditions make it difficult for people to express themselves verbally. Therapy goats offer opportunities to communicate non-verbally, a chance many affected patients seize wholeheartedly — and which, happily, often lead to increased verbal communication. Children with autism, for example, are often so enthused by their new four-hooved friends that they’re motivated to tell others (teachers, parents, counselors) about their new passion.


The entertaining nature of goats is among the qualities that make them excellent therapy animals. Their playfulness can bring people out of their shell, lift their spirits, and even lower blood pressure.


But the benefits go deeper than spirited antics. They offer companionship and unconditional love which can serve as a lifeline for those who may have little else in their lives.